Champagne R. Gerbaux

The Estate

The history of the Gerbaux family began in 1920, with Solange, great-granddaughter of vine growers, who married Raymond Gerbaux. At first, they produced grapes destined for bussines with the great champagne houses. Early on, Raymond began to make his own white wine, which he sold himself. Then, since the economic situation was not favorable for the winegrowers at the time, he decided to try his first  experiments with “prises de mousse” and became one of the precursors of champagne making in our valley, the western tip of Champagne.

After the Second World War, with his son Roger, they dug a cellar designed especially for the aging of Champagne. They enlarged the estate to raise the small farm of the first days, to a great house and brand of Champagne.

Today, Nadine and Régis pass on their passion to the fourth generation, Juliette and Pieter, who will come to perpetuate a long experience of tradition and know-how adapted to modern methods.



15 Route de Bézu le Guéry
02310 Crouttes-sur-Marne, France